Spirituality General

Suggestions and solutions for overcoming daily challenges. This is an ongoing series that is constantly being updated and improved as I learn more. It is not necessary to read these articles in any particular order.


Transcending The Spellbound

Expressions Of Anger

The Overbearing Know It All

The Rot

The Pathless Spiritual Path


Represent Your Truth

Don’t Fade Like a Fad

Purging Past Problems

Evidence For The Obvious

Positive Plant Project

Between Ascetic and Secular

Comparison Without Opinions and Judgments


Let Them Have The Last Word

Dropping Unnecessary Concern

Spend Time With Yourself

Solitude Vacation

When People Are Aggressive Be Assertive

Ignoring Personal Attacks


Facing Reality When Your Partner Leaves

Stick To Your Weirdness

Honor Your Progenitors

Harmonize Affirmations And Actions For Beautiful Synchronicity

Positive Affirmations For The Journey

Pain and Self Love

Your Path Is Unique

Gratitude Attracts Abundance

Keep Going

When Envy Emerges

The Social Show


A Technology Check 6 Insightful Questions

The Loyal Royal Life

Applying Knowledge And Manifesting Desires

Impossible Is Not Natural To Me 

Welcoming A New Year


Make Your Affirmations Affirm Your Actions


Truth Is Often Realized In Retrospect

Use Yoga And Meditation To Turn Stress Into Positive Energy

Your Self Love

Use Yoga And Meditation To Turn Stress Into Positive Energy

Your Self Love

Don’t Get Stuck In Competition Mode

Be The Greatest Version Of Yourself

Momentum Is Magnetic

Time Loop

Waves Of Truth: The Media 

Censorship Of Views

Cultivate An Attitude Of

A Gratitude List


Attracting True Love

Looking For Past Lovers In Present People 

Adopting Healthy Habits