Welcome to the section of kindfeelings entitled ‘Professional’. Here you will find articles about mastering a craft, skill or profession.

The articles posted here are about self reliance, self motivation, how to stay focused, how to deal with short attention span, low energy, discouragement, distractions and much more.

Professional – an expert in his or her field.

Professional Level – top of the pyramid.

What Does Being A Professional Have To Do With Spirituality?

Spirituality is not limited to practices like yoga and meditation. Spirituality is a way of life that encompasses every aspect of being.

We all come into this world with a divine purpose. Each person needs to discover what he or she is here to do and live life to the fullest.

Applying mindfulness to the craft you love transforms it into an intimate spiritual practice.

Only you can know what your calling is. Listen to your heart.


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