Hooked On Motivation

I love reading motivational books, quotes, videos and listening to motivational speakers. Their positive energy activates my energy. I used to spend a significant amount of time seeking things to motivate me but after a while I realized it was too time consuming. I decided to

Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself

Many people know what to do to achieve their goals but struggle to do it. It is not the lack of money, time or connections that is holding them back but a lack of motivation. Motivation is all around us. All it takes is a little

Major Keys For Cultivating Sexual Energy Part 2

An open honest life is a major key in sexual energy cultivation and protection. A dishonest life causes internal conflict and disharmony of sexual energy. In the east, monks are taught ethics before they start meditation. Practices like yoga and meditation are coupled with religious or …

Foundations Of Spiritual Protection

All cultures offer a variety of rituals and objects for Spiritual protection. Christians use the cross to ward off demons. In the Middle East and North Africa they use the hamsa as protection from the evil eye which is said to be a curse caused by …