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Don’t Get Stuck In Competition Mode

Healthy competition motivates and inspires people to be greater versions of themselves. In a healthy setting competition can strengthen the bond between two people. Unhealthy competition creates jealousy, envy, obsession and stress. I have already gone though my competitive phase; competition no longer exists in my …

Waste No Time When Reaching Out To People

Computer algorithms and corporate monopolies stifle organic growth. Therefore people who share the same values must form communities to support each other. However reaching out to others may be discouraging. Be mentally prepared to move on quickly from rejection and find people that are in alignment …

Hooked On Motivation

I love reading motivational books, quotes, videos and listening to motivational speakers. Their positive energy activates my energy. I used to spend a significant amount of time seeking things to motivate me but after a while I realized it was too time consuming. I decided to