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Musical Friends 2

Musical Friends 2

Abena paced back and forth, anticipating Zuri’s arrival. She inspected the neatly placed instruments which adorned the space. It was the day after the concert and she was excited. The girls had transformed the garage of Abena’s house into what they dubbed their creative centre. Here they wrote songs and practiced their instruments, singing and …

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Musical Friends

Musical Friends 1

Abena and Zuri danced with their former classmates as their music blasted loudly from the speakers at the graduation party. Their song, Graduation Day, an emotional reggae pop ballad was perfect for the event. Everyone danced, singing along with the lyrics. It was a celebration to release the stress of exams and celebrate new beginnings. …

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On her way home she stumbled on a stone Embedded in the mud from yesterday’s rains Unable to move like a prisoner in chains The stone was completely smeared with dirt So she took it home and washed away the hurt What emerged was powerful and bold, though it did not glitter like gold All …

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self mastery

Self Mastery

Self love leads to self discipline.Self discipline leads to self improvement.Self improvement leads to self knowledge.Self knowledge leads to self mastery.Self mastery is bliss. Self Love Love yourself throughout the different stages of your growth. Tips For Self Love: Say positive affirmations, be honest with yourself, be kind to yourself. Self Discipline Discipline is doing …

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