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About kindfeelings

I greet you with kindfeelings and love. My name is Jaja Wallace, a denizen of the universe.

I am a student of life, not a master teacher or guru. The information on this website comes from research and first hand experience, two of my greatest teachers.

My Writing

My aim is to present thoughtful, concise writing that is easily read and understood. I avoid the use of words such as can’t, impossible, never and always as this kind of language leaves no room for the open mindedness, reflection and humility which I seek to generate through my articles. There is no absolute truth here. Instead, different perspectives are highlighted which offer practical solutions for daily challenges. Moreover, my thrust is solution centred rather than negative sensationalism generated by focusing on problems.

All articles, regardless of topic are fundamentally about Spirituality and living a Spiritual life. In fact, I capitalize the words Spiritual and Spirituality in most articles to emphasize their importance. This core value of Spirituality is approached through various topics including technology, business, social media, making money and marketing. These areas of of our everyday lives when practiced with integrity and moderation empower us and do not conflict with our Spirituality.

You may read articles in any order you choose – except in cases where the topic is divided into parts, for example the sexual energy series.

You do not need to agree with everything or anything here to benefit from this site. Different opinions are welcome and respected.

Objectives of kindfeelings

Kindfeelings is a multi purpose site to which new categories are constantly being added as it continues to evolve.

The objectives of this site are to:

Empower people so they may in turn empower their families communities and ultimately the world. – A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Laozi

Unite people by highlighting timeless universal truths found in all cultures and religions.

Create critical thinkers by inspiring in them questions about themselves and existence.

Foster healing and generate real life results through the dissemination of sound advice applicable in situations of tragedy, bereavement and loss.

kindness and Love to My Audience

Articles on emphasize the cultivation of kindness, love, truth and mindfulness. A variety of philosophies, religions and belief systems are explored. Therefore if you are interested in expanding your mind and exploring different perspectives you will find visiting this site fulfilling.

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