I greet you with kind feelings and love.  I am Jaja Wallace. Thank you for visiting kindfeelings.  I started this website as a way to help people struggling with spirituality and the challenges of everyday life. I also see it as a way to give the spiritually mature hope because sometimes they need it too. On my journey to developing concentration, learning detachment and patience, I realized that reaching higher states of consciousness  is challenging in today’s world. Kindfeelings is an avenue  through which I can help others facing the struggles I faced on my journey. I shared this information with friends and family long before starting this site. Through life experiences which is the biggest teacher, I was able to help those around me.

It is important that people cultivate values of kindness, love, truth and stay focused regardless of distraction. This website emphasizes the importance of family and natural living. This is a website for people interested in experiencing the fullness of life, for those who want to help make a positive change in themselves, thereby helping to create a positive world. People who are busy from 9-5 and need tips on how to stay sound in a world that can sometimes be a chaotic storm will find help here. Here you will find a wide variety of articles and works of fiction. This is not a place to escape from reality, but a place to help and inspire you to create your own reality. There is a lesson to be learnt from everything on this site.

The articles here will give you advice on what to do, help you to stay healthy and avoid distraction. Works of fiction will serve to entertain and educate.

Use this site at your own pace.