On her way home she stumbled on a stone

Embedded in the mud from yesterday's rains

Unable to move like a prisoner in chains

The stone was completely smeared with dirt

So she took it home and washed away the hurt

What emerged was powerful and bold, though it did not glitter like gold

All her friends were popular girls who sported rubies diamonds and pearls

So she kept it hidden as if it were forbidden

Keeping it hidden from friends that tease

Put her mind at ease

Copyright © Jaja Wallace

38 thoughts on “Stone”

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  2. Lovely. Where, what and in who we place value is personal. To let the world around us dictate our valuation of things, our feelings etc is to not live up to our full potential.

  3. What came to my mind is, “let your light so shine that men may see your goodness” we have to learn to walk in our own light and not allow others to diminish our God given light.

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