Ignore Distractions And Focus

Ignore Distractions And Focus

The ability to ignore distractions and focus is a skill which improves with practice over time. You might not be able to completely remove distractions but you can lessen them. And you shouldn’t want to completely remove them because sometimes a distraction can lead to a great discovery.

A simple way to deal with distractions is to create a list of wholesome activities you love to do and spend your time on them. If you know how you want to spend your time it is harder to get distracted.

Start by picking one activity from the list and commit to doing it for a certain amount of time each day. After you’ve completed the activity for that day don’t worry if you get distracted afterwards. Focus on making that activity a habit. After you’ve achieved flow with this activity add another. Flow is a state where you’re completely focused on what you’re doing and everything else disappears. You become one with the activity. When you achieve flow with an activity it becomes a type of mediation.


  1. Chose one activity from the list.
  2. Time yourself (you may set an alarm)
  3. While doing the activity turn off your phone, computer, TV and anything else that might distract you

Don’t try to add too many activities at once, start with one and gain some momentum then add another. Keep doing this and after a while distractions will not consume all your time and energy.

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28 thoughts on “Ignore Distractions And Focus”

    1. Me too, some days I’m very distracted and other days I am focused. Many things in the modern world are designed to distract us. Thankfully the ability to ignore distractions is a skill that we can improve upon over time.

  1. A truly inspiring post. Very interesting and informative. This is the kind of posts I was looking for. You have written it very well. Excellent. ♥️♥️♥️😊

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  3. Practice is key. I try to do with my classes each term. Sometimes I’m successful and others not so. What I’m learning to do is to give myself grace. I can often times be too hard on myself. Thanks for this post.

    1. Yes you are right, it is good to be disciplined and productive but we must not be too hard on ourselves.

      Happy new year and may you have success in your classes.

    1. Yes I’ve come to realize that there is value in what we call idle time and distractions, everything has it’s use.

      I’m glad you’re willing to try it, love how proactive you are.

  4. Beautifully penned.
    I love your transition from flow to meditation:
    “When you achieve flow with an activity it becomes a type of mediation.”
    Best wishes.

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