1. We need to open our eyes as a species. You are absolutely correct about everything you said. Sadly, at the moment, selfishness and greed (especially corporate greed) rules the roost.
    I hope humanity comes to its senses before it’s too late.

    • Yes it is amazing.

      When I think about how old the planet is or when I’m around a really old tree or mountain I feel like I’m part of something greater.

  2. Great post, dear Jaja. May I add ‘an open mind’ to the list?
    Are you going to share your experience on the farm in making it more environmental friendly? Would love to see it šŸ™‚ XxX

    • Those are beautiful goals to have, I love that idea.

      Much more could be added to this list, we all have so many things we can do individually and collectively to make the world better.

      Thank you for being so positive.

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