The Positives And Negatives Of Being Open And Vulnerable Online

Being Open And Vulnerable Online

Being open and vulnerable is a way for entrepreneurs to meet people online.

I don’t filter my words on social media and my accounts are set up to accept direct messages from anyone. I’m friendly and accessible. I keep myself open without filters because I love meeting new people. Time is precious but I try to give everyone at least a minute, whether someone online or a homeless man on the street. I always am open to what people have to say, especially people who want to collaborate with me on creative projects. I might come across someone that has the next big idea that could revolutionize the world. If I see potential in someone I’m willing to work with that person. The man who fired Jerry Seinfeld probably had no clue that he would go on to star in one of the most highly rated sitcoms and be ranked 12th greatest stand up comedian of all time by Comedy Central and 7th by Rolling Stone. If I do have to turn down someone I’ll do it diplomatically so that I can reconnect with that person if things changed. When Jerry Seinfeld got fired he wasn’t even told; he found out when he showed up for a read-through and discovered his part was missing from the script.


Unfortunately keeping yourself open comes with challenges. Many healers, teachers and activists just put out information and don’t allow anyone to contact them because being open like can make you a target for manipulators. Everyone should set at least some boundaries.

The healers, teachers and activists who post information online but make themselves unavailable are not necessarily stuck up. They just think that you should take the information and do your own research, follow your own intuition.


Healthy intelligent boundaries can protect you. I prefer using intelligent boundaries than cutting everyone off.

Don’t give out too much information about yourself to the general public if you don’t feel comfortable. You can use a pseudonym and hide your identity online while helping others.

Don’t Take It Personal

Social media can attract stalkers and envious people that get off on leaving you disturbing images and messages. Had I taken these things personally I would have been stressed out. Instead I realize that it is about them and their issues.

Block And Mute

If someone is insulting you don’t be afraid to block or mute. Constructive criticism is helpful, insults are not. If you’re trying to build a following avoid arguing with some people because they may be after your audience. I know one particular activist with a very large following that has blocked over 1 million people.


We absorb so much online and because of this it is a good idea to sometimes completely unplug from electronics. In addition to taking a tech free day once a week sometimes I completely unplug from all electronics for a week, weeks or a month. Unplugging is a chance to completely purge myself of any negativity I may have encountered online.

After I unplug, all traces of what people said to me are completely gone and any resentment or ill feelings I had for trolls are completely released.

I return brand new.


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