Before Exposure: Reconnecting With Your Innocence

innocence within

Do you remember who you were before being exposed to movies, music, social media, video games and the news? Have you ever thought about how exposure to these things changed you? Whenever I take a solitude vacation I reconnect with my innocence. Before I was exposed to the fears, insecurities and limitations projected towards me by the mainstream media and society, I was a child of pure positivity.

It is unwise shut yourself off forever from what is happening in the world but it is good to occasionally breakaway from everything

It is cruel to ignore the suffering on the planet. In order to create solutions for the world we need to understand the problems. However it is therapeutic and necessary to escape a few times each year and connect with the pure innocent energy within. We all deserve a period of pure positive energy, a time where we unplug from everything. If you’re an activist or anyone trying to make a positive change in the world unplugging 1 – 3 times a year, will help you to maintain your sanity.


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