Social Media Donts

social media donts

It is easy to get distracted on social media. People visit social media sites with the intention of spending a few minutes and end up spending hours. If you want social media to be a smooth and focused experience check out these social media donts.

Don’t Reply To Disrespect With Disrespect

Conversations which begin with disrespect don’t usually end well. However, countering this by showing love often makes people rethink negative statements. Another way of circumventing negative interactions on social media is simply not to reply at all. In the past I would reply to disrespectful statements with love and kindness but now I seldom reply. I hardly get disrespectful messages these days anyway. Moreover, engagement in other meaningful pursuits has reduced my time on social media and subsequently curtailed negative encounters. I want the little time I spend there to be positive and informative.

Don’t Take Things Personal

Take the jokes, wisdom, knowledge, news but take nothing personal.

Don’t Use Social Media First Thing In The Morning

Make your first activity wholesome and organic – like yoga, meditation, taking a walk, a conversation with a loved one, mindfully eating, bonding with your plants and animals. Don’t just rush to an electronic screen first thing in the morning.

Don’t Use Social Media Right Before Bed

Make your final activity for the day something wholesome and organic. Something that can help you sleep peacefully. Do something that allows you to release all the things you may have absorbed that didn’t belong to you.

Don’t Use Social Media As The Only Source Of Information

There’s authentic information on there but there’s also a lot of misinformation and/or disinformation. Take it all with a grain of salt and check other sources.


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