Nature Is Magical

Hi everyone I hope you all have been good to yourselves. It’s been a while since I’ve been online.

This is the first post in a new series called Nature is Magical which presents the crops and plants that I grow as well as other interesting things. I got the inspiration to do this from gifted50.  Check out her blog. It’s refreshing. justpene 

Thank you to ceridwensilverhart owner of Illuminating the Fool’s Mirror for honoring me with an Original Outstanding Blogger Award and another Sunshine Blogger Award.

I am grateful to for gracing me with an award.

Thank you to petrel41 owner of for nominating me for Real Neat Blog Award.

They’re all great bloggers. Check out their work.

Many of the bloggers I follow grow things so I thought I would add to that positivity; we can exchange ideas and inspire each other.

I love spending time in nature and I believe that farming should be in harmony with the environment. Fertilizers and pesticides can be made from natural things which cause no harm to the environment and your health.

I encourage everyone to plant something even if you live in the city. Try growing even one plant in a container.


Okra adds thickness and texture to soups and stews.

okra plant okras growing  


I planted this apple tree a few years ago and it’s just starting to bear fruit.

apple tree

A few random shots of lizards


I planted quite a few coconut trees.+ I plan to grow more.

coconut trees  


Plantains are a variety of banana. They are usually cooked instead of eaten raw.

I love them raw.


A pumpkin vine is not only a source of food. With its large and imposing yellow flowers it is also offers a fantastic display of beauty.


Papaya is juicy and delicious.

I look forward to continuing this series. What have you been growing lately or what do you wish to grow?



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