Love In A Time Of Corona

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These are highly emotional times for many people all over the world.

How have I been?

I’m good, I’m grateful for life.

What’s working for me?

Yoga, Meditation, exercise, stretching, positive affirmations and other Spiritual practices have been helping me to stay present, calm and compassionate throughout everything.


The mask I’m wearing is made from paper towels, I learnt how to do it from this video. The presenter shows how to make them from paper towels and elastic bands but I have replaced the rubber bands with shoelaces. I have nothing to lose by wearing a mask.

The Gift Of Calm, Clarity And Compassion

One of the best gifts you can offer someone in this time is calm, clarity and compassion.

When we are calm it helps others around us feel at ease. If our loved ones are sick our calmness, clarity and compassion gives them hope. If we are panicky it adds to their stress.

Take A Time Out

This pandemic has also triggered an infodemic, that is, an excessive amount of information concerning a problem that makes solutions difficult to find.

The mainstream and alternative media are blazing right now. Never have I heard so many different viewpoints on an issue. Usually there is a clear divide between mainstream and alternative media. However, in this situation, the lines are blurred. Every day thousands of content creators put out their own theories about the cause of the virus and where we are heading.

With so much contradictory information out there it is easy to get lost. It is important to regulate how much time you spend watching the mainstream and alternative news. While it is good to be aware of what is happening too much of it causes stress and anxiety. It can stress us to the point where we are put into fight or flight mode which lowers our immune system.

If possible make one day each week technology free. Take that day to go within yourself, do some Spiritual practice, read a novel or just relax.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is not just an intellectual exercise. It is a skill that gets better the more we practice it. Gratitude makes us appreciate what we have and when we appreciate what we have we make the best use of it and when we make the best use of things we attract more. Gratitude can get you through difficult times.

Pause randomly throughout the day to be grateful and ground yourself in the moment.

Be grateful for friends.
Be grateful for family.
Be grateful for nature.
Be grateful for all the medical professionals.


Because of Corona Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India asked India’s 1.3 billion citizens to observe nine minutes without electricity and light candles or lamps. Prime Minister Narendra Modi used fire ritualistically which is very powerful. We can also incorporate all the other elements in our daily lives.

We can easily incorporate earth, wind, water and fire into our Spiritual practices.

Water – we can incorporate water by watering plants. As you water the plants send them loving energy and they will return it. You can incorporate water while taking a shower, while showing visualize yourself being showered with loving energy.

Fire – You can meditate while looking at a candle flame.

Earth – Walk barefooted or meditate outside barefooted to connect with earth energies.

Wind – This is the easiest element to incorporate into your practice. Every moment is an opportunity to breathe deeply and mindfully. You can take a deep breath right now while reading this.

These are only a few ways to incorporate the elements, try coming up with some ways of your own.

Shared Experience

The pandemic is a shared experience. We can meditate on this shared experience and know that we are not alone in whatever we are going through. Humanity is feeling this as a collective, from the royals to the homeless. Almost everyone has been affected in some way.

A Simple Meditation Practice

Sit in a comfortable position.

Close your eyes

Inhale loving energy and hold your breath.
Exhale loving energy and hold your breath.
Repeat 11 times.
Count each breath mentally.

Relax and stop counting. Allow your body to breath by itself.

While meditating be aware that you are submerged in a sea of energy and connected to everything even without touching. Greet everything that arises within your awareness with love.

Connect With Your Soul

Now is the time to connect with your soul. Do not look into the mirror to find your soul. Close your eyes and look within.


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