Stay Focused And Positive +

stay focused

Stepping back to objectively analyze your focus helps you to cut toxic patterns from your life and concentrate on what is really important.

Put It On Paper

Write down the things you focus on the most in your life.

Identify your reason for focusing on these things

Put a – beside the things that you have no control over and a + beside the things you can change that are worth your time. Consider the negative consequences that will occur if you continue to give focus to the things outside of your control.

Number each item on the list. When you subtract the things you have no control over how many items are left?

Put all the things with a + on a sheet of their own.

Then focus on these things and the others will fall into place.


Before you go to sleep visualize what the days would be like if you only did the things with a +. Think about how it would make you feel. Visualize all the beautiful people, situations and opportunities you will attract if you only focus on the +.


The next day when you wake up focus only on the things that matter and whenever the temptation to waste your attention arises look on this list for something to do.


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