Struggles Of A Vlogger

struggles of a vlogger

Vlogging, is video broadcasting. While some vloggers take a casual approach, recording without much thought, others present videos which entail hours of script writing, editing and scene preparation.

Vloggers have to deal with negative responses to their work as well as their own insecurities. Facing the camera is often a terrifying experience. However, if this fear is conquered vlogging is an exciting way to broadcast your ideas and experiences and connect with people all over the world.

Common Insecurities

Common challenges experienced by vloggers are insecurities about physical appearance and voice. Those who are really insecure about these things disable comment and ratings or make videos without showing their faces. Some vloggers allow comment but use a filtering systems to discard comments that contain certain words that trigger them.

Success At A Cost

Many people who are financially successful from vlogging, do so at the cost of their physical and mental health. It is therefore important that vloggers overcome their insecurities before broadcasting themselves to the world as this could cause them to become more insecure.

Carefree vloggers

Some people are not that sensitive and they don’t put much effort into making videos. They just turn the camera on and start recording. Carefree vloggers don’t disable comments and ratings, they just get on camera and be themselves. They have no script or filter. The carefree vlogger is unpredictable and natural. The carefree state of mind is where it’s at if you want a good vlogging career.

The only thing that can stop the carefree vlogger is censorhip.

Becoming Carefree

Becoming carefree starts with making your priorities clear and focusing only on the things that are worth your time. It sounds easy but it is difficult without the proper visual motivation.

This simple chart can help you stay focused.

Draw a big circle and within that circle a smaller one. Write all your concerns about vlogging in the big circle. These may be negative or positive.


Your Voice
Number of views
Positive comments
Negative comments
Your emotional state.
Physical Appearance
How people see you.
How you see yourself.

In the smaller circle list the things related to vlogging that you have control over. From now on only focus on the things in the smaller circle. Keep the unnecessary out.


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