Manipulative Cults And Their Targets

Manipulative cults

Some cults seek people while others attract them. Not all cults are manipulative. A cult is just a group of people who share a belief that is unpopular or deemed taboo by society. Some things that are popular in one age were condemned and illegal in another age. Manipulative cults however are dangerous because they control their members and exploit them for money, sex or a particular agenda. They demonize all other perspectives so their followers only accept them. Sometimes the slightest deviation from what is normal within the cult is demonized.

Types Of People Attracted To and Targeted By Manipulative Cults

The Young And Inexperienced

Young people who lack parental guidance and have access to the interent are perfect for predators. The younger and more vulnerable the target is the stronger hold they have on them.

The Young And Rebellious

Sometimes young people want to rebel and protest by joining a cause or following a movement that is different from the norm. Often when they find it they don’t deeply analyze it they just hop on for the ride. In many cases they outgrow the movement and come to the realization that different does not always mean better.

For some young people it is just a phase. Others stay until they get old often giving up a better life and missing many opportunities. They then turn around and try to recruit new members.

The Lonely

When people are lonely and want to belong they gladly give up things like their perspective and money in return for community companionship. I know people who adopt the religion of anyone they go into a relationship with. You also might think these people are uneducated or lacking resources but that is not the case. There are many wealthy and educated people with a strong need to belong. I’ve spoken to one woman who has a PhD that said adopting the religious views of anyone she’s in a relationship with is a small price to pay for love. The need to belong is strong in humans and it doesn’t matter how educated or intelligent a person is, they can still be manipulated by this need.

The Old And Lonely

Sometimes people who have passed a certain age and don’t have much friends and are single feel like they have few options. They gladly accept any opportunity that comes their way to socialize.

The Bitter And Lonely

People who just want to lash out on society because someone hurt them. They latch on to any movement that can help them to condemn or make them feel separate.


Not everyone who is drawn into a manipulative cult is being exploited. Manipulators attract manipulators. Some people join not because they’re lonely or want to belong but to participate in manipulating and exploiting. Unlike the others who believe the lies, these members know it is a scam from the start.

Breaking Free

No matter your situation giving up your truth to be a mindless drone is not worth it. It is better to learn to love your own company. One of the easiest and most effective ways to love your own company is to do a Spiritual Practice like yoga or meditation. These practices foster inner peace and bring a calmness. Do not judge yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Instead learn from them so you may make wiser choices in the future. Reflect on the past and learn from it then forgive everyone who you think has done you wrong.

Instead of joining a cult find something you love to do and join a group based around that activity. Network with the members and attract people with whom you share genuine commonalities.


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