Daily Actions That Keep You In Alignment

Daily Actions That Keep You In Alignment

Cultivate the following habits in order to maintain alignment.

React Less

Whenever you see something upsetting but petty take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you don’t need to react. Remind yourself you don’t have to take it personal. Even if it is meant as a personal attack it is not about you but about the other person.

Daily Gratitude

Practice gratitude daily. Gratitude is not an abstract concept. It is a skill that gets better with practice. Practice giving thanks for what you have. Thank yourself, thank the universe, thank your parents, thank nature. Thank God and whoever helped you.

Complain Less, Utilize More

I am not into the habit of criticizing and complaining about what others are doing, or complaining about what I don’t have. Critique and complaints have their place but my default settings are utilizing what I have and focusing on the people that match my energy. Focusing on what you have opens up the door for more. I prefer to live by example and attract people who match my vibration than complain about haters.

Make Fewer Assumptions, Be more Compassionate

We are all at different stages of our journey and what is superficial to one person is deep to another. Refrain from assuming things based on how someone is dressed, or how they look. Get to know who they are on the inside.


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