I Never Assume Someone Is Guilty

I Never Assume Someone Is Guilty

My mind is always open to the possibility that someone may be innocent, even when that person admits guilt. Sometimes people are pressured into pleading guilty. An individual with an open mind considers all possibilities and is not led by popular opinion.

But Forensic Evidence Does Not Lie

Science does not lie but sometimes scientists do.

Forensic evidence doesn’t lie but the people processing the evidence do. They’re susceptible to error and sometimes corruption. Annie Dookhan a former Massachusetts state chemist working for a state crime lab in Boston admitted to identifying substances as illegal narcotics without even testing them. This affected 34,000 cases and caused Massachusetts to throw out 21,000 drug convictions. During her time at the crime lab thousands of people were convicted because of her false statements. Imagine one person being in charge of so many lives. These situations only come to light when people get caught or confess. There are many more corrupt, careless and unscrupulous people processing evidence. So while the science is accurate and fair, many scientists aren’t.

Another example is the FBI’s admission that for a decade flawed hair analysis may have resulted in wrongful convictions. Hundreds of convicts were notified. Unfortunately some convicts had been already executed. Who pays for errors and loopholes in the justice system which result in innocent people being convicted or executed?

Part of Spirituality is to mindfully observe and think about many viewpoints instead of limiting ourselves to one view because it is popular or the easiest option. Don’t just go with popular comfortable opinions. Ask yourself: “What If?”



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