Mastering My Environment

Mastering My Environment

Knowing how the things I use work gives me a feeling of harmony. I often wonder if I could educate people from a less advanced era and teach them how to make an advanced world. Could I teach them the chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology and philosophy necessary to make an advanced world? If I could not teach them anything it would mean I am enjoying the luxuries of this world without understanding them. Every day people, myself included, use products and have no idea how they work. I cannot afford to study everything at the same time but I at least try to have a basic understanding of how things work.

The Gap In Intelligence

When people don’t understand the science behind something they call it magic. There are many conspiracy theories about modern technologies being the work of fallen angels. However most of these people would change their minds once they have an understanding of how the science behind these technologies work.

This is not to say magic or magick does not exist but to call the technologies we use now magic is an insult to intelligence and the real magical greatness we are capable of.

How I Would I Make That World Advanced?

Simple, I would teach the curious individuals the fundamentals of all sciences. All they would need is for me to point them in the right direction, they would go on to experiment and discover new things for themselves. Conversely, it could also be the people in the presumably primitive society who have something to teach me. The geometry, mathematics and astronomy of many ancient peoples, for example the Dogon, continues to baffle twenty first century scholars, scientists and researchers.


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