After Meditation Sessions

After Meditation

People often give up meditating because they donโ€™t perceive the change it is making in their lives. In many instances they are looking for improvement in a specific area. Meditation makes all aspects of life better. However sometimes these changes take time to build up. I have never met anyone who has had a drastic overnight change from meditation. To get an idea of how meditation gradually improves our lives we can observe ourselves during and immediately after a meditation session.

The positive benefits of meditation do not come overnight. It slowly changes you until one day you are a completely different individual. When I first started to meditate my ability to concentrate slowly increased until I was able to do so for a long period without getting tired.

Unfortunately people sometimes donโ€™t realize the small positive changes taking place within them from meditation and give up on it before it can grow into something big.

After Meditation Sessions

Notice how you feel after meditating. I feel deep gratitude and relaxation.

Iโ€™ve also observed that meditation position also affects how I feel after a session. After sitting in lotus I feel relaxed and cool. After sitting in a chair I feel grounded and warm. Both experiences are physically pleasurable.

After meditation I find myself in the moment and emotionally grounded. Whatever stress or anxiety I felt before is less or completely gone.

Notice how calm your heart is during and after the sessions.

Observing Yourself

Start to notice how you feel right after your meditation sessions. Notice the difference in your body and mind right after the session and hours later. As you go about your day keep observing yourself and if at any point things get too overwhelming take another session.


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