The Benefits of Keeping Your Goals Secret

Benefits of Keeping Your Goals Secret

Element of Surprise

Surprising People Is More Satisfying than letting them down.

Try to work on something secretly then give your loved ones a pleasant surprise when you announce your upgrade.

She’ll be more impressed if you surprise her by speaking in Japanese to the waitress at the Asian restaurant than if you bore her with explanations about the difference between Japanese and English in order to make her know you are studying Japanese.

Avert Discouragement, Road Blocks and Drama

Announcing your plans may attract haters and discouragement. When you show results, people who would have discouraged would not have had a chance to do so and you would not have been demotivated by negative comments. Although we should welcome constructive criticism sometimes the challenges of trying something new generates the creativity that we need to succeed.

A Chance to Exercise Willpower

Keeping our goals to ourselves allows us to look into our true intentions. A goal that comes from genuine interest does not need to be fortified by extrinsic praise or motivation. This tests our willpower and determination to succeed without external support. Willpower is a mental muscle that needs exercise; without practice willpower gets weak.

Finding Balance

Think about the pros and cons of announcing your goals before making your decision.

Public declaration of every step towards the achievement of a goal is a great motivational force for some people. Others get caught up in the hype instead of focusing on the goal.

Many authors successfully publish their books after posting their progress on a daily basis. Others quietly seclude themselves until the book signing day.

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