Keep It To Yourself

Keep It To Yourself

Keep your goals to yourself and there will be no stress, obligations and expectations.

Leaders lose the confidence of their supporters when they don’t follow through on their announced goals. The goals of leaders are set with an organization or community in mind and therefore need to be announced. However, as private citizens, we don’t need to publish our goals until after we have accomplished them. It is better to say what you’ve done than what you’re going to do.

After we set a goal so much can happen. We may change our minds after discovering that the goal is not in our best interest and go on to do something better. However if we get our friends and family hyped up over our declared goals we sow the seeds of expectation in them. This is especially so if the accomplishment of a particular goal would benefit our loved ones.

Sometimes I change my mind after deciding a goal is not worth it; sometimes I postpone a goal after finding that it is too difficult or that I need more experience before taking it on. Sometimes postponing or abandoning a goal is necessary but persons who are close to us may be very disappointed if we change direction after they have encouraged and supported us. If this behaviour becomes habitual our loved ones will lose faith in us and see us as not being able to follow through.

A grand show of future plans often forces people to adhere to something that is no longer relevant in their lives. The embarrassment of going back on their word is what makes some people push through with something when their hearts are not in it. When you keep your plans to yourself there is no reputation to guard and there is nobody to let down and you can abandon the plan if it is in your best interest. After all a goal is commitment to yourself and not the whole wide world.


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