Change Yourself And Circumstances Will Follow

Change yourself and circumstances will follow

Don’t wait for circumstances to change. Change yourself and circumstances will follow.

When I find myself in an uncomfortable environment I think about what I can do to make my current situation more comfortable and how I can get out. Knowing what you can do to make your current situation more tolerable makes it easier to focus on your long term plan of getting out. If there is no way to make the current situation more comfortable then let the discomfort motivate you to change.

Many people plead for a change of environment and never get it because they ignore the good things available to them in that environment. And when some of them do manage to move it’s a case of different environment, same problems. At some point in life the finger pointing and blaming of your environment has to stop and the root problem within yourself has to be fixed. Even if you find an overall environment undesirable you can be thankful for specific things in it. The more you can be thankful for, the more things you can find to take advantage of to put you in a position to be able to leave.

Be thankful for any good things available to you in the environment and use the stress and pain as motivation to stay focused on your plans to leave.

Focus on what you can change within yourself and use everything in your environment to your advantage and years from now you’ll be waking up somewhere much better.


  1. Justin Carter

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