No Emotional Investments On Social Media

Emotional Investments On Social Media

I have no emotional investments on social media. I use this tool for a few minutes each day, post positive content and leave. An emotional investment is giving love and vulnerability, which is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Getting emotionally invested in anything in the digital world is unwise. Emotionally investing on social media is giving away your time and energy to online personalities that you don’t know.

When I use social media I am logical, rational, compassionate and clear minded. I post my content for the day then leave. I even have a technology free day once a week. My aim is to cultivate respect and avoid conflict while candidly expressing my perspective.

When you emotionally invest in social media you’re investing in an illusion that bears no tangible returns.

There is no benefit in getting attached to celebrities and social media personalities you only know through a screen. Instead, connect with people in real life. Celebrities and internet personalities only put out things about themselves that they want the world to see. You don’t know what type of people they truly are. Even many of their most embarrassing moments, flaws and confessions are carefully constructed and put out there to generate emotional reactions and keep their names trending.

If you are lonely then strengthen your bonds with the people you know in real life and ask them to introduce you to new people. Make an effort to connect with new people in your area.

Meeting People Who Share Your Interests Online Vs Chasing Celebrities Online

An online connection can turn out to be a beautiful real life connection. If that happens let it happen naturally through mutual interests but don’t waste your time investing emotionally and chasing after celebrities and internet personalities that have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. Most of these people are super busy and already have established power networks and friendships in real life. They do not have time to form bonds with the masses who consume their content. They are too busy maintaining their success. Even the ones who interact regularly with their audience only do so on a platonic level. They get thousands to millions of messages every day and your message is not special to them. Sometimes replies are automated or come from a representative.

Make best use of the content online personalities create without getting attached to them.

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