Spiritual Protection Is A Lifestyle

Spiritual Protection Is A Lifestyle

Spiritual protection is a lifestyle, it is not just confined to prayer, crystals, incense burning and wearing amulets. While these activities and objects are helpful the bigger picture is how we live moment to moment.

Positive constructive actions generate good karma and good karma protects us. It is better to live your daily life in a way that protects you than to look for protection in occult objects.

When your actions and words are in harmony with your integrity you build momentum making it difficult for negative forces to touch you.

Prayer, positive affirmations, crystals, protection spells and rituals are just a few of the many elements that may be integrated into a Spiritual lifestyle. Your every action and word should keep you protected and in alignment. Be mindful of all you do. Your actions must be in harmony with your prayers and rituals. If your actions are counter productive you will go against the very protection you put in place instead of strengthening it.

Targeted Individuals

Obsessively seeking Spiritual protection leads to paranoia and dependence on external objects and gurus who exploit people for money.

Targeted Individuals (T.I) who have issues with gangstalking need extra protection. Most targeted individuals are activists, whistle blowers and truthers who put themselves on the front line by exposing government and corporate corruption. However, not all these activists are targeted. Some of them are just paranoid.

The best Spiritual protection comes from spending your time wisely. Most of us have an idea of what we should or shouldn’t be doing. So be productive now.


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