Meeting New People

meeting new people

To meet people that match your energy go to places that match your energy. Don’t just go somewhere because you think it might be a cool spot to meet people. Go somewhere that you actually like, somewhere that you would go even if people were not present. If it’s not your scene don’t go there. Go somewhere that you’ll have common ground to stand on when you meet someone.

Go to places you love and you’ll meet people that you have more in common with.

At Least 1

Challenge yourself to talk to at least one new person each week when you go out. Do not feel bad if you don’t get a response. Don’t even think about it. Just move on. Just keep going out and politely introducing yourself to different people to see the reactions you get. After you’re comfortable increase the number to two people a week. Keep increasing this number until you’re talking to a new person every day.

Wear A Smile

When you go out with the intention of meeting new people wear a smile on your face. Smiles are inviting and comforting. Smiles radiate warmth and confidence. Most people won’t socialize with a serious looking stranger. You’ll come across as intimidating.

Be Confident Not Cocky

Be confident in how you dress.
Be confident with your words.
Be confident with your smile.

Make The World Your Playground

If you want to meet people go out there and have fun. Don’t take things too seriously. Remember, the world is your playground.

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