Magnetism and Attracting People

Magnetism and Attracting

I am always fascinated by the new people I meet. I have found valuable lessons in all my encounters. I am always open to meeting new people and getting different perspectives on life.

Magnetism is useful if you want to generate customers for your business or want attention and support for a particular cause.

Keep a small circle of trusted friends but interact with many. New people come with new ideas and opportunities.

The Basics

Before you decide to go out and attract people it is best to have the following areas covered.

Have Purpose

In order to attract people you must have something they desire. This may be a material object, attitude, idea or vision.

You should be in school, working or studying. If you have no purpose, people won’t be drawn to you. People like a story so find your direction in life.

Be Independent

People find financial and emotional independence attractive. If you cannot be self sufficient and financially independent it will be difficult to handle new people coming into your life.

On the flip-side some people begin with nothing and through sheer charisma they are able to draw people in with a particular message and have these people fund them. In the digital age with the availability of services like Indiegogo GoFundMe and Patreon, charisma is now being highly exploited. Although crowdfunding is acceptable, self sufficiency is something nobody can take from you, so it is best to find a way to support yourself even if you decide to take donations. People put more faith and trust in you when they realize you can survive on your own and you don’t need their donations to get by every week.

If you need donations let it be known that it is to fund a service that benefits people and that if you were to stop providing this service you could use your time to earn money by other means.

Maintain A Spiritual Practice

Maintain a Spiritual Practice. It doesn’t matter if it is yoga, meditation, exercise, karate or kung fu. Just be consistent with it. Spiritual Practice raises your vibration and increases your magnetism and helps you to attract more. A Spiritual practice increases confidence which helps you attract more people. Confidence is very attractive.

Maintaining a Spiritual Practice also develops equanimity, something you will need if you plan to become popular. Not everyone you attract will be positive but even if they have overwhelming energy, equanimity helps you to keep calm under stress. In Buddhisim equanimity is seen as the jewel of emotions.

Use a Spiritual Practice to stay centered in yourself and not get swept away by the emotions of the new people that will be constantly entering your life.

Know Your Purpose And Have Clear Goals

Knowing your main purpose in life helps you to attract the right people for you. If you are unsure about your purpose take time to figure out what your main purpose is. Only you know what your purpose is.

To find your purpose simply spend time with yourself to figure out what you love doing the most, think about what brings you the most joy, something you would do daily if you had all the money in the world. Spend time with yourself and allow your intuition to lead you to what you truly love.

Remember that whatever your purpose is there is a way to monetize it.

Listen Observe And Judge Less

Listening is an art; listening is a skill. Practice putting your judgments aside and listening. Judgments are not always bad and have their place but there is a time to listen from the heart. When you put aside your opinions and truly listen to people you become more empathetic to their needs.

Give To The Community

Give and you shall receive. Give to the communities you wish to attract. If you wish to attract a certain demographic give to them. You may donate money if you can afford to. However, you may donate your time, love, attention, knowledge, wisdom and skills.

Master The Foundations

Attraction has many other important facets. Begin by mastering the basics until they become natural and you’ll be attracting people in no time.


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