Looking For Past Lovers In Present People

Regardless of similarities in voice, language patterns and physical appearance your partner is not your ex. Your partner is unique and his or her individuality should be respected. Obsession with comparing will cause you to miss out on enjoying the uniqueness of the individual you’re with.

Learn from your past relationships but don’t stay stuck there.

Comparing past lovers to your present partner can become an unhealthy obsession. I see it all the time, a man or woman gets hurt and does not heal and move on. Instead they complain and compare all potential partners that come into their lives to the ex that hurt them.

We keep repeating mistakes until we learn the lesson.

Most people dislike being compared to a past lover. Respect your partner’s individuality and uniqueness.

People love when you recognize their uniqueness and emphasize it, it makes them feel special.

Sometimes all it takes is one comparison to turn someone off. You can’t see how special someone is if you constantly compare her to your ex.

If You Must Compare

Past relationships are lessons on what types of people to avoid and what to avoid doing. They can make us better or bitter. Some people compare because they want to recognize patterns in the people they attract. If you insist on comparing don’t let it become an obsession and keep the comparison to yourself.

Live In The Now

Accept the fact that you are with someone new, avoid assuming and give it a chance. Focus on his or her uniqueness.


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