Attracting True Love

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship. – Robert Holden

To attract a partner that is right for you, be right within. Get rid of what you don’t want, make peace with the past and do the necessary self work.

Past Relationship Energy

Writing about your past relationship is a good way to resolve the issues and release hurt.

Write about:

Why your relationships failed.
What you did wrong.
What the other person did wrong.
What you want in a partner.
What you don’t want.
What you learnt.

Add other categories you think are important and get it all off your chest.

Writing your feelings out like this may be painful but it is also healing and brings peace and clarity. Identifying your mistakes enables you to make wiser relationship choices. Failure to learn will have you stuck like a hamster on a wheel.

Every relationship teaches a lesson, whether it has had negative or positive effects. Writing about it will give you clarity on what you want in a relationship. When you are clear about what you want in a relationship you will not waste efforts on people who don’t have it to offer.

The clarity you gain from writing about your past relationships makes it easier to forgive everyone and create a new life. The suffering comes from lack of understanding and failure to learn from past mistakes.


Make a list of reasons why you think you would make a good partner.

Financially independent
Emotionally independent
Emotionally intelligent
Good in bed.

Add whatever you consider a good quality and keep improving so you can add more to it. Knowing what you bring to the table will increase your confidence.

Don’t Be Afraid To Write It Out

You can keep your resume and book of past relationships private. This is your private business; there is nobody to judge you. Even if you burn it later writing would have given you clarity and helped to resolve past issues.

Keep Working On Yourself

Keep improving and working on yourself. The more you improve the more clarity you gain and the more you can focus. People who are focused and know what they want are magnetic. The more magnetic you become the more people you attract. The more people you attract the more options you have.


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