Receiving Meditation

Receiving Meditation

We are always receiving from the universe. Our eyes, ears, mouth and skin are receiving daily. In Spirituality there tends to be a focus on giving and being selfless. However, realizing that we are always receiving is equally important. Learning to gracefully accept is also of great significance.

Receiving Meditation

The purpose of this meditation is to keep you aligned with your environment. It is the opposite of the turning inward meditation.

Sit or lie in a position which you find comfortable. Keep your eyes closed throughout the meditation.


Put your attention on the surface of your skin. Become aware of any breeze or sensations on the surface of your skin. Slowly scan your entire skin surface from head to toe.


Shift your attention to the sounds around you. Focus on one sound and try to identify it. Then focus on another sound. Alternate your attention between focusing first on several sounds and then on one sound at a time. See how far your mind can go and try to zoom in on sounds in the distance.


Take in the smells around you. Isolate the different smells and see if you can identify them.

Keep Practicing

At first you might not smell and feel as much as you hear but give it time and you will become more sensitive to the subtle smells and sensations in your environment.

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