A Gratitude List

gratitude list

A gratitude list is your personal life coach that lifts your Spirits by reminding you of all the things you can be thankful for. In times of depression and lack of motivation look at the list for inspiration.

Gratitude Books

I have a few notebooks where I list things that I am grateful for. In one book I list people who I am grateful for. These are people who are currently in my life, people that passed away and even people I encountered once. All these beautiful souls have taught me valuable lessons about myself. It matters not if my encounter with these people were negative or positive, they all contributed to my evolution.

In another book I list the things I have that I am thankful for. Things like my house, bed, washing machine, computer, furniture and anything else I use daily. Many of the things we use daily are taken for granted. It is important to pause and be grateful for all the things we use daily.

I have many other gratitude books but it is not necessary to divide things into books and categories as I have. A simple gratitude list can be very effective.

Your Custom List

Create a custom gratitude list for yourself and give thanks daily.

Make a list of opportunities that you have. Example: school, work, learning opportunities, internet access traveling etc…

List people who have taught you important lessons. These may be people you disagree with with, people you mesh with or people that are no longer in your life.

List difficult situations you have been in that have made you stronger and wiser.

List healing activities that you are grateful for. Activities like yoga, meditation and so on.

Internal Resources

I am thankful for my internal resources. Look into yourself and identify some internal resources that you are grateful for.

Heart – I am thankful for the intuitive intelligence of my heart. I am thankful
for the heart that pumps blood throughout my body without taking a break.

My Brain – I am thankful for my brain that works to process complex information while I rest.

My Dreams – I am thankful for my dreams because they allow me to be in a world without limits.

Nightmares – I am thankful for my nightmares. Nightmares are an evolutionary trait that allows our brains to work through negative emotions or problems that we face, helping us to build psychological defenses. They put you in difficult situations to strengthen you psychologically so you may be prepared if you are ever faced with such situations in real life.

Gratitude List Summary

People that have helped you.
Opportunities available to you.
Difficulties that made you stronger and wiser.
Things you use daily that make life easier.
Internal resources.

What To Do

After you’ve made a list what is next? Treat everyone and everything on the list with love and care. Be sure to utilize every opportunity and activity on the list.

Long Life

Life is dull and boring when you have nothing to be thankful for. The more things you identify to be thankful for the longer you will live. People who are thankful and look forward to each day live longer than those who have nothing to look forward to.


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