What We Can Learn From The Alex Jones Censorship

One of the biggest news items this week is the removal of Alex Jones from facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MailChimp, and Itunes. Some people are outraged, some are celebrating, some say they don’t support his views but think the ban is unfair, some say the tech companies are private business and have the right to refuse people. Whether you like him or hate him there are lessons everyone can learn from the ban.


It Spawns More Conspiracy Theories

Ironically the ban has spawned more conspiracy theories from both detractors and supporters of Alex Jones.
Some conspiracy theorists who don’t support him think that the ban was planned all along and that he is controlled opposition. People who support him are still uploading his videos to YouTube and other platforms and spreading his message. People who support him think the ban validates everything he has said and support him even more now. Many who didn’t support him think the ban is unjust and stand with him.

People Equate Being Deleted From Social Media With Being Deleted In Real Life.

Before he was banned by the most popular social media networks some of his pages were removed by facebook. Before people got full details they were making headlines like The Erasure Of Alex Jones, and The Removal Of Alex Jones. People spoke as if the removal of a few facebook pages meant removal from earth.

While social media is important for business one must never think that removal from social media is the end of the world. If one door is closed many others are available. This is an infinite universe with infinite options. Get out of the finite mentality.

Don’t Get Attached To Social Media Fame

Another important lesson to learn is not to get attached to social media fame because whatever you build there may be erased in the blink of an eye. Having millions of followers and being verified won’t stop you from getting removed. Just ask Alex Jones, Azealia Banks and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Big Fish, Big Target

When Pirate Bay was being censored many other smaller torrent sites were thriving undisturbed because they were not drawing attention to themselves. The same goes with the Alex Jones ban. He is the biggest fish in the conspiracy theory community which makes him the biggest target. Every thing he has said is repeated by thousands of smaller conspiracy channels yet they have not been erased and no court action is being taken against them.

Connecting In The Streets Is Important

Although the Hebrew Israelites, Nation Of Islam and Alex Jones have three completely different ideologies they have a major commonality. They have been doing their thing in the streets from back in the day. Long before social media made it easy for people to make a brand, music career, or simply push a message they were out in the streets connecting with the people. Unlike most of the content creators on social media, these people started in the streets and built up a grassroots following before going into social media. Part of the reason they have many more followers than the other alternative news providers is that they are built for tough times. In addition to having their own platforms they have a loyal audience. Removal from social media may prevent them from acquiring new members from these platforms but this cannot erase what they have already built. In the case of Jones his removal does not stop him from acquiring new members because people are still uploading his videos to the platforms he was banned from and they are still talking about him. The controversy will send people his way.


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