Censorship Of Views

Censorship often kills creativity and prevents us from exploring new frontiers. Moreover it is sometimes evidence of intellectual laziness and corruption.


People Usually Censor When:

their beliefs are challenged
they want to suppress the truth
they think information should be kept secret
they disagree but lack good counter arguments
they are afraid of being wrong
they wish to shut down all opposition
they’re triggered

Be sincere and consistent with your message and you’ll attract loyal supporters who will go with you to other platforms if you are banned from one.

Don’t take it personally; it is about your message and not you. Sometimes the censoring is not even being done by human beings but by algorithms put in place to block trigger words without even analyzing the context.

Create a private network, incorporating persons who share your views. Through this network you can build a foundation stronger than any social media platform. However, optimize the use of any available platform so that if you’re removed you would have manipulated it to your fullest advantage. Moreover new platforms are always being created.

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