Waves Of Truth: The Media

Waves Of Truth

Most of the information we get comes through print or electronic media. For the individual who desires insight into the real world sifting through this mound of information seems like an impossible task. One may ask, Who controls the media? What is their purpose?

Most acts of communication rest on one of two basic purposes: to inform or to persuade. An act of communication may also combine the two in varying proportions. Information may be based on fact, fiction, lies or interpretation.

What is the intention behind the source’s output? What product, service or philosophy is being sold? The recipe concocted by the media is guided by intention and ultimately determines the quality of the stew dished up to the public. The discriminating individual faced with the task of picking the morsels of truth from this ragout must realize that awareness is a process that occurs in the twinkling of an eye. As soon as you taste it you will know it.

First Wave: Realizing that mainstream media can’t be trusted.
Most people are surprised by this revelation and turn to alternative media. Most stay there and are loyal to the alternative media they find.

Second Wave: Realizing that most alternative media is controlled opposition and misinformation.
Only a few alternative media sources provide truly independent views. This is painful and depressing for many people who seek refuge in alternative media.

Third Wave: Detachment from the concept of absolute truth.
Take everything with a grain of salt. Don’t be surprised if what you believe turns out to be false. Ride freely on the crest of the third wave as you release the need to know or belong to any group.

Truth is a scarce commodity. You won’t get a feast of it through the media.


    • Jaja Wallace

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