Momentum Is Magnetic

If you decide to start over be sure you have a strong constitution and you are highly self motivated.

Many people who seem loyal will not be around if you start over. These people are with you because you’ve built momentum and not because they necessarily like you as a person. It’s nothing personal. To them you are just the next wave to jump on.

Only the loyal ones will be there to support you if you start over. The loyal ones are those who are genuinely interested in you. Once you start to build momentum mainstream masses will come.

Sometimes I feel like starting over to distinguish the genuine from the fake but when I think about how far I’ve come I know it is not worth it and I should keep going. There will never be a situation where everyone around you is genuine and if you keep starting over you will reach nowhere. To reach somewhere significant, requires momentum.

Consistency builds momentum.
Momentum is magnetic.
Momentum makes manifesting easier.
Once you build momentum maintain it.

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