Be The Greatest Version Of Yourself

There is no magical formula for becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Being the greatest version of yourself may mean achieving perfection. It may also mean living the life you want to live, doing the things you want to do every single day.

Becoming the greatest version of yourself requires focusing on your purpose and living out your goals.

Find Your Purpose

If you don’t know what your purpose is in life take a few days to disconnect from technology and all social media. Spend some time in solitude and think about the things you love to do the most and write down the reasons. Don’t think about whether or not these things generate income.

If I was a plumber I would still be making hip hop records – Dr Dre

Focus On Your Purpose

Once you find your purpose, focus on it every day. Focusing on your purpose in life keeps you in alignment as well as attracts those in alignment with your purpose.

Be Honest

Live an open honest life, commit to your integrity.


Commit to your integrity.
Commit to your purpose.
Commit to your goals.
Commit to yourself.

Commitment Is The Key To Freedom

When you don’t commit to anything life is messy. This causes you to be pulled in various directions by different people thus preventing you from having any time to yourself.

Subsequently you won’t have anything you truly want.
Find a set of things related to your purpose to commit to each day.


Find your purpose.
Focus on your purpose.
Live an open honest life
Commit to the things that are good for you.


    • Jaja Wallace

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