Don’t Get Stuck In Competition Mode

Healthy competition motivates and inspires people to be greater versions of themselves. In a healthy setting competition can strengthen the bond between two people. Unhealthy competition creates jealousy, envy, obsession and stress. I have already gone though my competitive phase; competition no longer exists in my reality. Instead of competing I am focused on becoming the best version of myself.

Many people undergo a phase of competing in their younger years and looking back they say those were some of their happiest years. They say this phase of their lives helped to foster their confidence, growth and survival skills.

When people are new to an industry they find it fun to compete with their peers but many (like myself) outgrow that phase after a while because we have higher ambitions.

People with higher ambition pay less attention to external competition and go deeper into their unique abilities to become inimitable. When you are driven by a higher ambition to become the greatest version of yourself you are blind to what the next person is doing. This is also a sign of mastery. A master is complete and doesn’t need to compete.

A higher ambition naturally phases out the competition.

Don’t Get Stuck

Unfortunately when you outgrow competition mode some people you left behind will still be competing with you. This will not be a problem if you keep moving forward but if you look in their direction you’ll be led astray. They might set bait to try and draw you out but stay focused and keep developing your unique qualities. Soon you will be in a completely different league from them.

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