Questions Readers Ask 3: What Does The Ankh Symbolize?


Readers send in questions and I answer them. Questions are posted exactly as how readers ask without any editing.

Hi, can I ask you what does the Ankh symbolize? I did a healing meditation of the Goddess Isis and I imagined her giving me one.

The ankh means different things depending on whom you ask. It represents the male and female genitalia, the sun coming over the horizon, a union of heaven and earth, the universe and immortality.

The ankh represents the sun (yellow gold) and not the moon (silver). It is best to use a gold, brass, copper or any yellow looking metal when choosing your ankh.

The occult power of the ankh depends on the willpower and imagination of its owner which is why the full power of the ankh has not been defined.

What do you feel, see and imagine when you look at this ancient and magnificent symbol?

Individuals are free to interpret the symbolic implications of the ankh in accordance with their own needs and desires. Do so creatively, meaningfully and righteously.

Your visualization/imagination of being presented with an ankh by Isis is a powerful concept. Hold on to this spiritual ankh. It is much more powerful than any physical ankh which you may procure to represent it. Carefully look at it with your third eye.


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