Use Yoga And Meditation To Turn Stress Into Positive Energy


We can use yoga and meditation to transform stress into positive energy. The type of yoga or mediation does not matter. What matters is practicing daily and whenever you feel stressed.

Who Needs This?

Make Spiritual practice a priority if you destroy things, fight, quarrel, harm yourself or engage in any other self defeating behaviors at the first sign of stress and negative emotions. Whenever you experience stress you should turn to Spiritual Practice. Be mindful of self defeating behaviors and do yoga or meditation immediately. After you have finished, return to the situation with a more lucid mind. You’ll be thankful that you didn’t wreck yourself or anything.

Make Yoga And Meditation Your Default Setting

When yoga and meditation is your default setting you automatically respond to stress by going into practice. This takes discipline and consistent practice but once you’re there stress and negative emotions will only serve to fuel you.

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