Questions Readers Ask 2: How Do You Work Spiritual Practice Into Your Every Day Routine?

Readers send in questions and I answer them. Questions are posted exactly as how readers ask without any editing.

This question came from twitter via @FahmidaB

Would you be able to do a little thread on your routine and how you work your spiritual practices into your everyday routine? Would love you know! xx

How do you incorporate bushing your teeth, taking a shower or eating breakfast into your daily routine? Mentally and physically it requires little or no effort to include these tasks as part of our every day lives. This is because we have been programmed to think that we should do these things daily. We grew up doing them as part of our routine. The first step is therefore to consciously reprogram ourselves to accept spiritual practice as part of our daily routine. This takes practice, discipline and serious effort.

Since the start of the year I have done yoga, meditation and sexual energy training daily. I am trying to make it to 365 days of consistent practice.

Throw Away Perfection

A key to consistency is to throw away the idea of needing the place to be tidy, or needing to be in a particular mood. Forget about making things right or needing the proper environment. Just find a space on the floor and meditate, find a space on the floor and do some yoga. While keeping your yoga and meditation environment clean and sacred is important if you want consistency you have to do it on the days when your house is untidy and you have limited time.

After all if the house or kitchen is untidy we still manage to eat when we are hungry simply because we want and see it as important.

Do Them First Thing In The Morning

Another thing that has helped me tremendously is doing my spiritual practice first thing in the morning. When I wake up I say affirmations, meditate and do yoga before handling any technology. I set an alarm to wake me up and as it goes off I go right into my routine. If I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep I do not turn on the lights. Instead, I remain in the dark and do a spiritual practice.

As the day goes by and we do more things our energy gets used up so the most important things should be done first. Make Spiritual practices a high priority and do them first thing in the morning.

See spiritual practice as being just as important as eating or taking a shower before going to work.

Make A List

I have a list of Spiritual practices that I do written on my phone, computer, diary and pinned on my wall so I have constant reminders that motivate me to practice.

Listing and making notes to ourselves is a useful habit which ensures that important tasks such as shopping are done. Why not a spiritual practice list?

Will Yourself

Practice exercising your willpower. If you don’t feel like doing it will yourself into doing it for at least 5 minutes. Anyone can do something for 5 minutes and you’ll be glad you did.

Use Commuting and Waiting Time

If you take the bus to work, you can quietly do some form of spiritual practice on your way there. Quietly send loving kindness meditation to your fellow commuters on the bus or when waiting in a line of traffic.

Use waiting time to settle your mind and meditate. Send loving kindness meditation to those who are in the same waiting area or space with you until it becomes a habit. Do a few yoga stretches before taking a snack or coffee break at work. If you leave the office for lunch, make your stroll to your favourite cafe, an occasion for walking meditation.

Meditate before each meal and also select a routine task each day that you will do meditatively and mindfully.


Do them in the morning first thing.
Forget about perfection. Find a place on the floor and practice.
Use waiting, commuting or walking times as meditation opportunities.
Do routine tasks meditatively or mindfully.
Write a list of the Spiritual practices you do and put it in a strategic area to remind and motivate you.
Practice willpower. Will yourself into doing it for at least five minutes.

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