Waste No Time When Reaching Out To People


Computer algorithms and corporate monopolies stifle organic growth. Therefore people who share the same values must form communities to support each other. However reaching out to others may be discouraging. Be mentally prepared to move on quickly from rejection and find people that are in alignment with you.

Decline / Rejection

If They Decline Disrespectfully: If they are disrespectful move on. A quarrel is a waste of time. Persistence makes you look desperate, subsequently deepening disrespect.

There are over 7 billion people in the world; find others who are in alignment with your vision. It is not necessary to chase anyone.

If They Decline Respectfully: Thank them for their time, indicating that the offer is still open should they reconsider. Then move on quickly to the next person.


People might be busy doing their own thing. They might not be interested but are not assertive enough to say no so they don’t reply. They might not care.

Move on to the next person and allow them to get back to you whenever they can.

You Will Find People Who Are In Alignment With You

With over 7 billion people in the world you are bound to find some that are in alignment with your vision. The good thing is that you only need the support of a small percentage of this number for your ideas to take off. Stay focused, remain optimistic.

Warning: Watch out for opportunists who initially rejected you but are eager to join your circle after your ideas start to bear fruit. Be cautious in your acceptance of these persons since their aim might be to exploit you financially

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