kindfeelings 2018 & Beyond


My adventure with kindfeelings started in 2010. For the first four years the site focused on film reviews, technology news, conspiracy theories, and survivalism. I also posted short stories and my artwork. In 2012 I removed all the content and decided to change the tone of the site and center it around Spirituality. Now that the site has grown so much and has attracted a larger audience I may consider reintroducing aspects of the former content as well as including previously uncharted areas which are in keeping with our present focus and philosophy.

What started as a simple website is a trademarked brand and company.

I am so thankful to everyone who has visited this site. I hope that you have benefited or have been inspired in some way . I have grown tremendously since I wrote the about section for my website 5 years ago. The new one which I have written reflects my growth and explains the site’s new direction. I have accomplished many of the goals I set out for this site. If you have been a long time subscriber you would have seen the growth and improvements since 2013. I will continue to quietly pursue my goals and let the work speak for itself.

The future is unpredictable but whatever we encounter we will face with courage and integrity.

Read the new about here.

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