Truth Is Often Realized In Retrospect



So often people don’t realize truth in the moment. It is only after they have grown can they look back with a higher level of maturity and realize they were wrong about something. In the moment they might have been too immature, angry or excited to realize the truth.


Some say truth is personal, a belief which promotes the idea of my truth, your truth, his truth, her truth. Others say truth is outside of perception and that there is just one truth. They say there is your side, my side and the truth. Regardless of what truth means to you, you might not recognize it in the moment.


Retrospect – Survey of past times or events.
Retrospection – The action of looking back.

Things That Help Us To Realize Truth In The Moment

The more I meditate the more I realize truth in the moment. However some truths will always be realized in retrospect unless you have reached enlightenment or some other higher state of consciousness.

Keep reminding yourself not to take things personal – what you care about is truth. Truth is not about pleasing your feelings.

Read, Read, Read: This can’t be emphasized enough. Don’t just read things that you agree with. That’s confirmation bias. Read from a wide variety of sources. Confirmation bias is a tendency to seek out things that confirm your current beliefs. Embrace the challenge of seeking out things that contradict your perspective.

Reading from a wide variety of sources will open your mind to different perspectives. The truth is not found in one perspective. Study your polar opposites and study the neutrals for a balanced perspective.

Study Opposites and Neutrals: If you hold on tightly to a particular belief system consider the opposite and neutral ideas of this belief. These other ideas will hold some truth or useful information. For example atheism is diametrically opposed to theism while agnosticism is the neutral ground that lies between the two.

What > When

It is not about when you discover the truth, it is about what you do with it.

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