Make Your Affirmations Affirm Your Actions


I created 26 affirmations and I promised myself to say them every day for an entire year. I have only been saying them for 11 days and I can already feel the positive effect they’re having on me. You can create two powerful affirmations to help you achieve any goal you have.

Two Powerful Affirmations

Create two affirmations based on a goal and say them every day for one year.

First think of the goal.


Goal: To be healthy.

Then make two affirmations, one affirming that all your actions will bring you closer to achieving your goal and the other affirming your success.

Affirmation 1:

Make the first affirmation about the daily actions you take to achieve your goals. If you want to be healthy say, “Each day I fix myself a wholesome meal”

Affirmation 2:

The second affirmation simply affirms that you are already what you seek. “I am healthy.”

Using the same formula, you can create two affirmations to suit your aspiration. This method is powerful because one affirmation is a reminder that you must be consistent with the actions necessary to achieve your goal and the other affirms your success.

Address Fundamental Issues

Positive affirmations can change your consciousness which in turn changes your life. However it is sometimes a superficial covering over fundamental issues that need attention. If I want to be healthy, affirming it is the first step. Fundamental issues like eating healthy and getting enough sleep have to be addressed. If actions contradict affirmations, achieving goals will be difficult.

Let us make our affirmations affirm our actions.
They are not just empty words.

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