Welcoming A New Year

A week before a new year starts I like to reflect, plan my goals, give thanks and let go.

Things To Do

Reflect and learn.
Give thanks.
Outline your goals.
Forgive and let go.


When the year is close to an end I like to reflect on all the lessons I’ve learnt. At the end of the reflection I am stronger, faster and wiser moving into a new year. Reflections give me insights on who and what to avoid going forward. Reflections reinforce things I already know. Reflections provide a greater understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.

Give Thanks

At the end of each year I take a few minutes to make a gratitude list. This provides an instant boost of happiness, motivation and optimism for the new year. Practicing gratitude is one of the best activities and it is never too much. Gratitude is not just a feeling but it is a skill that gets better the more we practice.

Outline Goals

At the end of the year I usually have a higher motivation to outline goals. I take a day or two to break larger goals into smaller goals. One of the best feelings is stepping into a new year with goals and plans to achieve them. Although I outline my goals I detach myself from the desired outcome. I just do my best and the universe will handle the rest. I will not be disappointed if I don’t achieve a goal. As long as my intentions are right whatever happens will be in my favor.

Forgive And Let Go

A very important thing for us to do is forgive and let go. Don’t bring old wounds into the new year. If I feel like anyone has wronged me or I have done anything wrong I forgive myself and all other parties involved. A new year represents new energy and new life. Although a person may start fresh at anytime, a new year makes it much easier because the entire collective consciousness is celebrating a new beginning.


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