Internet Entrepreneurs Don’t Waste Your Energy Arguing With Twitter Trolls

No matter what you say on social media people will find ways to argue with you. Some people find a statement offensive if it is not all inclusive. If I say I love positive vibes, some people reply by saying I should embrace all aspects of life not only the positive. If I say vegetables are delicious some people will argue and say fruits are better. The more viral the tweet the more likely it is to be seen by one of these petulant people.

If I replied to everyone that argued with my tweets I would have to make a full time job out of it. It is more useful to myself and my audience to focus on the persons who understand and appreciate my work than on cantankerous detractors. The internet is a vast domain and not everyone will shop at my store.

If you wish to start an online business do not to get enmeshed in bickering. Instead focus on your message. Don’t get tangled in the online web. The internet serves us best when we use it positively and in moderation.

Don’t Waste Your Energy

Avoiding these things have saved me precious time and energy.

Don’t Let Them Change You

Many different emotions, including hate and envy, circulate online. The same people who block and criticize very often steal or imitate tweets. Don’t abandon your purpose and well earned audience because of critics. Discouraging words may be a ploy to goad you into quitting so that there is opportunity for annexing your audience and image. Stick to your agenda, learn from criticism and improve. If you change do so for yourself.

Ignore The Argumentative Non Followers

People who don’t follow your account but are always in your mentions arguing are draining. These people contribute nothing to your brand or message; instead of using your time and energy on them use it to create something for the people who are actually tuning in to you. They say no publicity is bad publicity. Brands like Tommy Sotomayor have built a successful empire on controversy. However if you are tempted to go this route and generate attraction by arguing with trolls, beware. This is a dirty, stressful game. Once you start playing this game many people will target you for arguments with the intention of stealing your audience. This is a game I want no part of. I prefer to keep my hands clean.

Learn From Insults And Criticism But Only Reply To Some Criticisms.

The reason I always get better is that I learn from insults, constructive criticism and harsh criticism. Had I taken these things personally I would have burnt out a long time ago. I also don’t waste precious energy replying to everything. If someone criticizes me I don’t have to reply, I just learn from it and apply what needs to be applied. If I get insulted I don’t reply I just learn from it.

Get Straight To The Point When Answering

To save energy and make things easier for everyone make your answers concise and positive.

Don’t Be Online All Day

I’m using the internet less the more I learn about technology and the more I get organized.


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