Duh, Fake Deep, No Shit, No Shit Sherlock

Occasionally people reply to my tweets with the generic “No shit Sherlock” or a phrase to show what I’m saying is obvious. I find it annoying. It is also interesting that although the fictional Sherlock Holmes was a deep and thorough sleuth, one of his strong points was his ability to spot obvious facts which self declared pundits often overlooked. Elementary, my dear Watson.

When I click on the pages of people who say this to me I often see them retweeting and tweeting a lot of content similar to mine. This shows that they have no problem with what I say and they probably wish they were the ones saying it.

When people on social media have a problem with you they’ll find the smallest excuse to jump in your mentions and attack like a viscous dog. Ironically the people that have problems with you will imitate and copy your content. This has happened to me.

Before Tweeting Me The Generic “No Shit” And “No Shit Sherlock” Consider The Following

Some People Don’t Know

There are people that actually don’t know. People of all ages from different cultures follow my accounts and many of them are just getting into Spirituality. Although much of the information is not new it is new to some people and those are the people it is aimed at.

Social Media Is Not For You

Ninety nine percent of what is being said on social media has already been said. Creativity is not about knowledge but is about your unique expression of knowledge. Different people have their unique way of expressing the same thing and they’ve all built up audiences who are attracted to those particular expressions. So if you’re going to tweet “No shit” to people then you’ll have a problem with ninety nine percent of them.

You’re Using Shaming Tactics

By saying no shit Sherlock you’re using shaming tactics. You’re trying to shame people for not knowing a particular thing when in reality it’s never too late to learn. One should never be ashamed of learning something useful.

Reinforcement Is Support

Sometimes it is necessary to reinforce what is already known. People do this to motivate and support each other. In addition to tweeting new information I also reinforce what might already be widely known. In many instances things are said for reinforcement. Tweeting that the sun is beautiful, a view shared by many people, is an example of positive reinforcement. In this digital age of constant distraction staying focused is enhanced through positive reinforcement. Imagine if your wife told you she loves you and you said “No shit Sherlock”

Be A Real Sherlock

Look for the deeper meaning beneath the supposedly obvious tweet. Very often there is profound meaning beneath the mundane. Conan Doyle’s hero’s brilliant deductions always began by a comprehensive examination of the seemingly superficial surface. So, be a real Sherlock. And if you can’t be one, well carry on Watson.

Never Looking Back

As we advance, if persons quote my tweets with the generic “No shit”, I will only send them this link. Likewise, If anyone replies to your tweets with Duh, Fake Deep, No Shit, No Shit Sherlock don’t waste your energy arguing with them. Send them this article instead. Isn’t it ironic that in their bitter criticism of things which they don’t consider original, they can only find trite, overused phrases to express themselves?


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