Sexual Energy Is Life Force Energy. Be Mindful Of Whom You Exchange It With

An intimate exchange between two people is an exchange of sexual energy. A hug, kiss or even a handshake is an exchange of energy. The more intimate the action the more energy is exchanged.

Have you ever seen two people in a relationship that didn’t look alike when they started dating but looked similar over time? I have seen it. This happens because they have been exchanging sexual energy for so long that they’ve become the same substance. Many old couples look alike because they’ve exchanged so much sexual energy over the years they’ve become completely mixed into each other. When you compare them to their teenage years the distinction was much sharper. Not only do they look alike but their body language and mannerisms get more similar. Sometimes they even adopt the habits that they found annoying in each other. The older they grow the more they become alike until they become one.

Sexual energy is precious life force energy. Be mindful of whom you exchange it with because you are giving away a part of yourself and receiving a part of someone else.


  1. The Melanin Man
    • Jaja Wallace

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